Weather News for Hurricane Irma


For appointments on Tuesday, September 12, 2017:

As Hurricane Irma approaches, we will be watching the weather closely. If you have an appointment on Tuesday--or whichever day the worst of the storm will be passing through the area--please contact us if you'd like to reschedule. If we decide to close, we will be contacting you (provided we have power and are able to do so)

Should we suffer a power outage at Sunshine Pediatrics, you may not be able to reach us or our after-hours emergency line. We strongly suggest that if you can't reach us and have an emergency or an extremely sick child and are unsure of what to do, please take your child to the nearest emergency room or urgent care if it is safe to do so.


For appointments the rest of the week:

Provided we have power, we will open as normal.



As always, our providers may be reached after-hours for emergencies by calling 803-980-7337 and leaving a message on our after-hours voicemail.

Check out our Facebook page for immediate weather related alerts.

Please drive carefully.

Stay safe.