New Patients

If you are a new patient to our practice, please fill out the Full Registration Packet below and bring the completed documents with you to your child’s first visit. Also, please read the Welcome Packet before your first visit, and if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer any them.

  • Forms for Pediatric patients of Sunshine PediatricsFull Registration Packet -- In this packet you will find our Demographic Form, Insurance Form, Authorization for Medical Care, Pediatric History Form and a Release of Medical Records Form to transfer your records to our practice.

The following information is for your records. Please read our Welcome Letter which describes, among other things, the items you will need for your first visit with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

  • Welcome Packet -- This packet contains our Welcome Letter, Notice of Privacy Policy, and our Office and Financial Policies.


Current Patients

For your convenience, the following documents are available for your quick reference:

  1. Notice of Privacy Practices
  2. Office Policies
  3. Financial Policies
  4. Has your address or phone number changed?
    Please fill out this form and mail, fax, or bring it to your upcoming appointment: Demographic Form
  5. Changing Insurance?
  6. If you are changing your insurance plans, please do the following:
    • Check our Insurance List and/or call our billing department to make sure we are in network with your new plan.
    • Fax us or mail us a legible copy of both sides of your new insurance card. You can also bring it to your upcoming visit.
    • Fill out the following Insurance form and either fax, mail or bring it to your upcoming appointment: Insurance Form
  7. Is someone else bringing your child in to be seen?
    If the adult accompanying your child to our office is not already listed on his/her Authorization for Medical Care form, please fill out the following and either fax it to our office at 803-980-2229, or send it in with your child. Authorization for Medical Care Form
  8. Are you moving and need to transfer your child's records?
    If you know where your new doctor's office will be, you can fill out the following form so that we can fax them your child's medical records. If you are unsure of where you'll be going, we suggest you wait until you go to the new doctor's office and fill out a release of medical records form at their office. They will forward the release to us, and then we will send them your records. Release of Medical Records


Why do we have to fill out brand new forms when we change our information, and why is our information verified every time we come for a visit?
The answer to both is simple: Accurate information means we can reach you when we need to. Over the phone, street names can be heard incorrectly, or numbers can be accidently inverted. By having the original document you filled out, we are able to double check the information if we are unable to reach you. We contact our parents for various reasons throughout the day, not the least of which includes appointment reminders, notifying you of an appointment to a specialist we referred you to, or discussing lab results or treatment changes. We also need accurate mailing information for when those specialists need to mail you registration paperwork, for when we fill out prior-authorization paperwork for your insurance company, or for when you request financial records be mailed to you during tax season.